Mera's Light - Let's Awaken The Light Within

My Beliefs... the Belief that each individual has a strong  illumination within, which in turn lifts the vibrations of this planet to move us forward in a more loving, tolerant consciousness.  It has been known for centuries that this Inner Glow has  dimmed due to the Egos that man created over the centuries and as  we fell further away from our Creator.

    My role as a Member of "The Family of Light" is to help others  re-awaken this inner light to help lift consciousness and reach enlightenment in hopes that the Love and Light within will help raise the Vibrations that our being and planet so dearly need.  

   We are moving at exponential rates into a "New Golden Age" of Illumination on our planet and must be prepared to receive these energies that will transform and shift us to this higher consciousness.  We will once again become a more loving, compassionate race.  We have guidance and love from many sources and my role is to help deliver this information  to help with ascension.

  Hi - I AM Susan, and I AM a "Light Worker".  I offer many services to help awaken, empower, heal, teach and lift one to a  higher vibrational state and awareness. In these very stressful/fast paced times we live in, we still can't help wonder why there seems to be something "missing".  We seem to spend most of our lives in search of and never seem to quite reach it... well,  I've had experience with this myself and is the reason you have found me.  It is not a coincidence that you were drawn to me.  We have a "connection" and can help each other in these times. 

    Please visit my "About Us" page for details on the services.  My heart knows that we can move you in the direction that you want and are meant to go and is so my pleasure to be a part of your journey.  Many blessings to you.

 Love & Light 

"Mera" is my spiritual name and "Light" or "Information" is my ability to receive the Divine Guidance to help others at many different levels.  I have the strong illumination and information available for this journey.  

* Psychic Readings, Angels, Guides, Mediumship, Theta Healing, Soul Readings, Children, Love & Light*
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