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My Services as a “Light Worker” 

Intuitive Reading/Channeling   I use a variety of  “Gifts” to help guide you  on your path.  Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Empathic abilities along with personal Channeled information from your Angels and Guides.

First Session is $50 for half hour.
Session:  $60 per half hr/$100 an hr  

“I AM”  Master Healing   "I AM" healing's are Ancient healings that started at the beginning of time. “I AM” healing's encompass  Ancient Healing Symbols/techniques  that helps open and balance your chakras to allow a deeper level of healing at the physical, mental and emotional levels to help you bring about balanced health.  These healing's bring in the healing power of the “I AM” presense and the Universe. 

Session:  $100 for the consult and 1st Session 
         $75 for follow up sessions.

Spirit Whisperer  I am a Certified Angel/Spirit Whisperer and work with your Angels to help deliver messages of Love and  Light along with possible “Personal” healing requirements  – specific to your needs.   Angel Therapy Sessions include Channeled Readings with your Angels and/or Healing through your Angels. 

Session: $60 per half hr/$100 per hr 

Working with Crystal /Indigo Children 

Session:  $50 per half hr/$100 per hr
Special:  2 children for $75 per half hr/$125 per hr
** Now more than ever, our children are AWAKE and need guidance….. 

  I am here to offer love and guidance** My Guides have told me that my special role on this planet is working with children.  I love children and they are truly God’s Angels.  I am always humbled, and honored to meet children with awakened abilities as they are truly the “Masters” in our Universe with memories that simply need massaging and awakening.   Children are born extremely open and aware of our Spiritual Realm.  Many are often “misunderstood” when in reality their channels to the Divine Source are wide open.  It’s very important for us to support and give beautiful children, the future of our world, the skills required to understand and cope with these gifts.  Often times these children will exhibit behaviors that create concern for the parents.  Children who are often misunderstood or seem withdrawn can simply have a strong connection to the spiritual world but do not understand these gifts or how to express what they are experiencing.   I have a unique affinity for working with children and can help identify these abilities and work with each child to further understand expands on these beautiful gifts.  

  • My Work with children requires a “Release” agreement as I am not a psychologist or physician. My services to children are simply to assist in identifying tools that are useful to help them understand what they are experiencing.  Most of the time this is enough to help the child feel more confidence, increase their self esteem and to help with a more balanced life.  These tools are never to replace a medical doctor’s diagnosis or suggestions for treatment, only to enhance the understanding of what your beautiful child is experiencing.
    After months of conventional medical treatment  for shoulder pain, and four weeks of antibiotics for chronic ear infections, I still saw no improvement.  I turned to Susan for alternative treatment and guidance.  One half hour session with her gave me immediate relief.  Susan is a powerful channel for healing energy and spiritual counsel.  She addressed the origins of my problems, and her insight into my current situation and past events was extremely accurate and valuable. I have always been open to alternative therapies, healing, and spiritual guidance, and have sought it frequently throughout my life.  I have been fortunate enough to have sessions and readings with people who are celebrities in those circles.  My experience with Susan has been by far, the best of these.  Susan has my highest recommendation and thanks! ~ ~ Kim, Houston
As the father of the 13 year old, I was concerned that working to understand her experiences would be frightening.  Instead, I found Susan to be very reassuring and encouraging.  Now my daughter is excited to understand her experiences and continue to develop them. 
My entire family also had experiences with spiritual activity in our house and Susan taught us how to limit the activity and live there without fear.  I would not hesitate to recommend Susan – she is truly gifted.  ~~ Anonymous Houston Father

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